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Inspector David MCBAY (44)

19 Aug 1893
Dundee City Police

PI McBay died of injuries received when he attempted to arrest a deranged man who had already shot several people including two police officers.


Constable John MCNAUGHT (25)

28 May 1892
City of Glasgow Police

PC McNaught collapsed and died whilst arresting a youth who had been causing a disturbance.

Constable John MITCHELL (30)

23 Feb 1890
Govan Burgh Police

PC Mitchell collapsed and died whilst turning out the fire brigade in the early hours of the morning. He was survived by his wife and four children.


Constable John MCDONALD (25)

21 Feb 1890
City of Glasgow Police

PC McDonald died when he fell into the docks overnight at berth 18 and drowned.

Constable Donald MCLEAN (26)

21 Sep 1889
City of Glasgow Police

PC McLean was found dead in the River Clyde near berth 11 during night duty. It was supposed he fell in and was drowned.

Constable Alexander LAMONT (41)

20 Dec 1888
Coatbridge Burgh Police

PC Lamont was found dead on his beat having collapsed on night duty. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Inspector George RIDDALL (44)

16 Aug 1888
City of Glasgow Police

PI Riddall Collapsed whilst escorting a prisoner and died some time later.

Constable James GRANT (22)

17 Sep 1887
Port Glasgow Burgh Police

PC Grant was found dead in the East Harbour at Port Glasgow after being missed from his beat during the night. His walking stick was found near the Greenock Gas works and his helmet was washed up on the Mirren Shore Port Glasgow.

Constable Andrew William CRAWFORD (21)

29 Apr 1887
Leith Burgh Police

PC Crawford died during his first night duty at Leith docks. It is supposed he fell into the water around 2am. A watchman aboard a nearby steamer heard his cries for help but by the time assistance could be summoned he had drowned.

Sergeant Robert CRAIG (61)

07 Apr 1886
Greenock Burgh Police

PS Craid was found dead in the Police Box at Customhouse Quay Greenock in the early hours of the morning having apparently suffered a stroke. He was survived by his wife and grown-up family.

Constable Duncan GALBRAITH (41)

19 Jul 1885
Greenock Burgh Police

PC Galbraith died when he fell into Greenock Docks during night duty and was drowned.

Constable Thomas Henry MCCULLOCH (33)

29 Nov 1884
City of Glasgow Police

PC McCulloch collapsed whilst on his beat in Argyle Street near to Jamaica Street.

Constable Alexander LAMOND (27)

26 May 1883
Kircaldy Burgh Police

PC Lamond died after he was seriously assaulted by three men whilst dealing with a disturbance in a house in High Street Kirkcaldy late at night.


Sergeant Charles CRUICKSHANK (26)

01 Dec 1882
Dundee City Police

PS Cruickshank was on night duty when about 0200 hrs he returned to Lochee Police Station for some food . As he prepared to leave after his break he collapsed in the orderly room and never regained consciousness. 

Originally from Tomintoul, Banffshire he was survived by his wife and two children.

Constable David MCDONALD (26)

20 Jun 1882
Leith Burgh Police

PC McDonald died of blood poisoning after a stab wound to his leg became infected.


Constable William GORDON (45)

17 Mar 1882
City of Glasgow Police

PC Gordon died after falling into the harbour at berth 48 in the early morning whilst on night duty. He was survived by his wife and seven children.


Constable Alexander HALLIDAY (23)

14 Sep 1881
Dumfries Burgh Police

PC Halliday was on foot patrol during the night in Dumfries when he took ill and collapsed.
He attempted to make his way to the police station but lay for some hours until discovered.
He died a few hours later at his home. He was a single man.

Constable George LOW (22)

14 Mar 1881
Edinburgh City Police

PC Low died after being stabbed when he was attacked by two housbreakers he disturbed on his beat.


Detective Officer Harry Bromley PITMAN (38)

05 May 1880
Leith Burgh Police

DO Pitman died when he was thrown by his horse which lost its footing in Claremont Street.


Constable James FRASER (39)

19 Jul 1878
Elginshire Constabulary

PC Fraser died after being stabbed by a deranged man who was smashing up a hotel room.


Constable Finlay MCAULAY (34)

21 Apr 1878
City of Glasgow Police

PC McAulay died when he fell into the River Clyde near Custom House Quay and drowned. PS Roberts was crossing the Portland Street suspension bridge when he heard splashing and saw someone struggling in the water nearby.He called for assistance and PC McAulays body was found about an hour later.

Constable Archibald COOK (53)

25 Nov 1877
Bute County Constabulary

PC Cook was found dead just after midningh a short distance from his home at Invercloy Brodick Isle of Arran. He was presumed to have died of natural causes.

Constable Robert DICKSON (21)

01 Jun 1877
City of Glasgow Police

PC Dickson was on foot patrol, and reportedly one hour into his first shift, when he responded to a call for assistance from his neighbouring constable. As he ran along Ropework Lane to assist, he fell heavily and sustained a head injury. He was found unconscious a short time later and placed in a cab to the police station but died before he arrived there.

Subsequent examination found he had died from an undiagnosed heart condition.

Constable Robert GOURLAY (30)

21 Dec 1876
Roxburghshire Constabulary

PC Gourlay died of disease related to an injury on duty sustained some months previously.

Constable John HARRIS (41)

14 Sep 1876
Edinburgh City Police

PC Harris fell on a narrow winding stairway on his beat in the Grassmarket.

he sustained a head injury from which he never recovered.


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