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Constable Robert Bryce RENNIE (49)

06 Jul 1925
Lanarkshire Constabulary

PC Rennie was accidentaly asphyxiated by his collar when he fainted within Chapelhall police station.

Chief Constable John CLARK (61)

20 Apr 1922
Hamilton Burgh Police

CC Clark collapsed and died within Burgh Police Headquarters Hamilton.

Constable Peter Hunter MUNRO (21)

07 Aug 1921
Lanarkshire Constabulary

PC Munro died after he was assaulted whilst making an arrest in Wishaw when a large group turned on him and colleagues.


Inspector Robert JOHNSTON (41)

04 May 1921
City of Glasgow Police

PI Johnston was shot whilst escorting a Sinn Feinn suspect to prison to await an escort to Ireland by RIC officers.


Sergeant James PATERSON (49)

02 May 1920
City of Glasgow Police

PS Paterson died after being struck by a motor car on a traffic island on Argyle Street at Finnieston Street. The car skidded on tram lines and collided with the traffic island throwing PS Paterson into the air.

Constable William MCGREGOR (25)

01 Jun 1919
City of Glasgow Police

PC McGregor died of septicaemia as a result of injuries sustained during the Glasgow Riots of 31st January 1919.

Constable James Campbell (39)

20 Jan 1919
City of Glasgow Police

PC Campbell died after he was shot whilst investigating a suspicious person at the rear of 637 Great Eastern Road Glasgow. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Constable Lawrence James QUIBELL (24)

16 Mar 1917
Metropolitan Police

PC Quibell was returning from a training exercise with the Rosyth dockyard motor fire engine when it was in collision with a milk van.

He sustained serious injuries and died the next day in the cottage hospital in Dunfermline.

Historical Note

The Metropolitan Police (Employment in Scotland) Act 1914 gave the Metropolitan Police the powers of a constable in `Naval Yards and Military Stations` in Scotland.

The Royal Marine Police took over the duties of policing at Rosyth in 1926 and the 50 members of the `Met`, under the command of Inspector Allan, were reported to have been transfered to London.

Constable George MILLER (35)

06 Jul 1916
City of Glasgow Police

PC Miller collapsed and died of heart failure within the Police Court Albert Street Govan.

Constable George CRAIB (40)

22 Aug 1915
Aberdeen City Police

PC Craib died after falling heavily and striking his head. He had just delivered an injured girl to hospital in his police ambulance and fell as he left the hospital to return to his vehicle.

Constable Daniel CAMPBELL (46)

14 Feb 1915
Dunfermline City Police

PC Campbell collapsed on his beat and subsequently died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Temporary Constable James WRIGHT (38)

13 Feb 1915
Airdrie Burgh Police

TPC WRIGHT collapsed and died of heart failure shortly after beginning his tour of duty. A veteran of the South African War he was survived by his wife and 6 children.

Inspector John Soutar SUTTIE (48)

08 Mar 1914
Arbroath Burgh Police

PI Suttie died after complaining of chest pains whilst speaking to two of his men near Kirk Square Arbroath in the early hours of the morning. He was survived by his wife and 5 children.

Constable Robert Martin BROADFOOT (30)

18 Oct 1913
Dumfries Burgh Police

PC Broadfoot died after collapsing outside Dumfries Railway Station in the early hours of the morning. He was survived by his wife and son.

Detective Officer Thomas ROTHNIE (42)

14 Dec 1912
Edinburgh City Police

DO Rothnie died when he accidently fell from a Caledonian Railways Express as he travelled to London with another Detective.

Constable Robert SMITH (55)

16 Jul 1912
City of Glasgow Police

PC Smith died as a result of septicaemia resulting from an unspecified minor injury sustained on duty.

Constable John TOUGH (49)

17 Jan 1912
Paisley Burgh Police

PC Tough died of a cerebral hemorrhage resulting from injuries received during the course of his duties.

Sergeant William DICKSON (52)

21 Oct 1911
Dundee City Police

PS Dickson collapsed and died of heart failure during night duty.

Constable John George SAMUEL (22)

28 May 1911
Broughty Ferry Burgh Police

PC Samuel died when he was drowned during a recue attempt whilst off duty.


Constable Hugh SAVAGE (23)

18 Dec 1910
City of Glasgow Police

PC Savage collapsed and died whilst in pursuit of youths for an unspecified offence in Great Eastern Road Glasgow.

Constable Adam SMITH (25)

23 Apr 1909
Perth City Police

PC Smith collapsed and died whilst chasing youths for playing street football and causing a disturbance. He was survived by his wife.

Constable James Paton BLACK (21)

04 Nov 1908
Dundee City Police

PC Black drowned after falling into the docks during night duty.

Constable Peter MCLAREN (21)

02 Oct 1908
Stirlingshire Constabulary

PC McLaren drowned after falling into the canal basin at the rear of the Grangemouth police station whist making his way there for his refreshment break during an exceptionaly foggy night.

Superintendent Charles MACINTYRE (68)

02 Jun 1908
Argyllshire Constabulary

Superintendent MacIntyre died whilst conveying a prisoner from Oban to prison in Glasgow. On their way to the prison in a Glasgow cab the prisoner informed the driver that Mr. MacIntyre had taken ill. On arrival at the prison he was found to have died of heart failure.

Inspector John SCOTT (53)

27 Aug 1906
East Lothian Constabulary

PI Scott died when he was hit by an express train near Dunbar as he checked the line. There had been a spate of incidents where attempts had been made to derail the London East Coast Express.


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