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Constable William George MCKELVIE (34)

20 Jul 1906
Hawick Burgh Police

PC McKelvie died of his injuries some time after he was violently assaulted whilst arresting a drunken male.

Constable Robert CAUGHEY (29)

31 Dec 1905
City of Glasgow Police

PC Caughey died after he stumbled over a mooring rope at the Kingston Dock, fell into the river Clyde and drowned.

Constable William Balfour URQUHART (49)

22 Mar 1904
Aberdeen City Police

PC Urquhart was dealing with youths causing annoyance in Cuparstone Lane Aberdeen when he collapsed and died of heart failure.


Inspector William CUMMING (53)

15 Sep 1903
City of Glasgow Police

PI Cumming died when he was stuck by a butchers van as he stepped back to avoid a tram in the Trongate Glasgow.

Sergeant George GIBSON (48)

17 Jul 1903
Hamilton Burgh Police

PS George Gibson was on duty at the North British Railway Station with another officer attending a disturbance.

Sgt Gibson was able to persuade the culprit to get into a ‘carriage’ but almost immediately collapsed and died of heart failure.

A native of Kirkcudbright, he had served for 3 years in Stirling Burgh Police before joining Hamilton Burgh, where he had 19 years’ police service. He was survived by his wife and six children. 

Lieutenant George HEBBINGTON (60)

19 Dec 1900
City of Glasgow Police

Lt. Hebbington died when he collapsed at his desk within the Central Police Station near to the end of his shift due to a heart attack.

Constable James HARTE (38)

04 Apr 1900
Leith Burgh Police

PC Harte as a result of injuries received after being assaulted in Hawthornvale whilst assisting to secure a prisoner.


Detective Officer William REID (49)

14 Jan 1900
City of Glasgow Police

DO Reid was preparing to take up duty in the Southern Police Office when he collapsed and died of heart failure.

Constable David THOMSON (-)

11 Jul 1899
Inverness Burgh Police

PC Thomson was returning home from duty in the dark when he slipped and fell on the stairs leading to his lodgings which was steep and had no hand rail. He suffered a head injury and died in hospital.

Constable Thomas KING (46)

20 Dec 1898
Inverness-shire Constabulary

PC King died as he attempted to arrest a male on warrant. As he entered a dwelling in search of the man he was shot at point blank range.


Constable George MCARTHUR (71)

27 Dec 1897
Greenock Burgh Police

PC McArthur was speaking to two men on his beat at West Quay Greenock when he collapsed and died.

Constable Andrew URQUHART (32)

24 Oct 1897
City of Glasgow Police

PC Urquhart collapsed and died after arresting an aggressive drunk male who violently resisted arrest.


Constable Joseph SIMPSON (25)

10 May 1897
Lanarkshire Constabulary

PC Simpson died when he was struck by a train near Fallside Station. He apparently stepped aside to avoid one train but didnt notice the Express train coming in the opposite direction. He had only been with the force for a matter of months.

Constable Thomas FYFE (36)

27 Mar 1897
Edinburgh City Police

PC Fyfe was returning from policing a football match at Tynecastle when he collapsed in McLeod street and died.

Detective Officer James PALMER (50)

05 Dec 1896
Dundee City Police

DO Palmer died of exposure after falling into docks as he made his way home from special duties.


Constable Colin MCKENZIE (45)

30 Aug 1896
Govan Burgh Police

PC McKenzue died of his injuries after being seriously assaulted on the 18th August at Mavisbank whilst on night duty.

Sergeant James DOWNIE (54)

22 Aug 1896
Ayrshire Constabulary

PS Downie died after being struck by a train near Dalry. He was travelling back to his station after policing the Merrymass in Irvine.

Constable Robert CRUICKSHANKS (30)

20 Aug 1896
City of Glasgow Police

PC Cruikshanks collapsed and died of heart failure in Great Clyde Street whilst on patrol.

Inspector James CHRISTIE (59)

21 Mar 1896
Edinburgh City Police

Having dismissed the day shift, Inspector Christie was walking home in Grassmarket when he intervened to disperse a group of persons causing a disturbance.

During the altercation, he collapsed and died of heart failure.


PI Christie had 34 years police service and had served throughout the city.

Constable Robert MURRAY (23)

09 Dec 1895
City of Glasgow Police

PC Murray died after he was knocked down by a runaway horse yoked to a coal lorry in Albert Street.

Constable James MCLEAN (24)

02 Dec 1894
Leith Burgh Police

PC McLean drowned after tripping over a hauser and falling into the Edinburgh Dock. His colleague could see him in the water but were unable to assist. His body was recovered some time later.

Sergeant Wilson CHARLES (39)

22 Nov 1894
City of Glasgow Police

PS Charles died when he was struck by a train on the North British Line near Great Western Road. He was apparently looking for the Constable who should have been in the vicinity of the station when he was struck by a passing goods train.

Constable James GRAHAM (34)

22 Oct 1894
Perthshire Constabulary

PC Graham collapsed and died on his beat in Abernethy. He was survived by his wife and child.

Detective Officer Alexander Johns MCMAHON (40)

18 Dec 1893
City of Glasgow Police

DO McMahon became unwell after giving evidence at court. He was unable to return to duty and died a few days later. He was survived by his wife and five children.

Sub-Inspector James ALLAN (50)

04 Sep 1893
Lanarkshire Constabulary

Sub-Inspector Allan died after he was stabbed whilst attempting to arrest a male for robbery. He was survived by his wife and eight children.



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