Ian Livingston QPM

Chief Constable of the Police Service of Scotland.

Christine Fulton MBE

Christine is the widow of Constable Lewis Fulton, Strathclyde Police, who was murdered on duty in June 1994. She represents the interests of survivors and is Secretary of the Trust.

David Acheson MBE

David is a serving Police Scotland officer and the nephew of a police officer who was killed on duty.

Andrea MacDonald

Andrea is Chair of the Scottish Police Federation and represents the interests of serving officers.

Stuart McAllister FSA Scot

Stuart is a retired Strathclyde police officer. Along with Christine and the late Jim McNulty he is a founder member of the Trust. He is responsible for coordinating the ongoing research into the Scottish Police Roll of Honour.

Ivor Marshall

Ivor is the President of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents. He represents the interests of the Superintending ranks.


David Garbutt QPM

David was Director of the Scottish Police College when the Memorial was proposed. Not only did he embrace the idea of having the Memorial sited at the College, but his personal input enhanced the original plan, resulting in the beautiful Memorial garden it has now become.